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Debunking the Philosophy of Karma

Karma, the philosophy of cause and effect across multiple lives, has captivated us for centuries. But true understanding of this concept can free us from the shackles of our ego, allowing us to focus on what matters in the present moment. Time is a deceptive mistress. We are all doomed to end up where we…

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Exploring the Complexity of Reality

The concept of reality is something that has puzzled humanity since the dawn of time. In many ancient Eastern spiritual traditions, reality is seen as an illusion, or ‘Maya’ as it called in Vedanta philosophy. It suggests that there is no absolute truth and all truths are relative, making reality a complex and ever-changing thing.…

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Human brain neural connection

How Our Minds Keep Us Trapped

Our minds are powerful tools, but they can also be a prison. Our memories and thoughts can keep us trapped in a loop of fear, anxiety and depression. The brain is made up of billions of neurons that control our emotions, thinking patterns and behavior. When we experience something traumatic, the neurons form pathways in…

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