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JOURNEY TO ULTIMATE POSSIBLE DIMENSION is a platform that provides guidance and resources to help individuals explore their inner journey of self-discovery and transformation. Our mission is to empower individuals to explore their own paths of spiritual growth and to discover their true purpose in life. By providing a variety of content, including guided meditations, articles, videos and podcasts, seeks to provide a comprehensive platform for those seeking to deepen their spiritual practice.

Through this platform, individuals can access a range of different tools and resources to support their journey. We offer guided meditations, articles, videos, podcasts and other resources to help individuals explore their inner self and cultivate spiritual growth. Additionally, we provide an online community for individuals to connect with each other and share their spiritual experiences.

We believe that spiritual growth is an individual journey and everyone has their own unique path. My mission is to provide a space for individuals to explore their own paths of spiritual growth and to discover the ultimate bliss journey in life.

Samadhi's path through self-awareness

Samadhi is a state of heightened awareness and oneness with the divine. It is reached through deep meditation and self-reflection. Through awareness, one must first recognize and become aware of the ego and its illusions. Then, one can start to dissipate the ego, leading to a more open and non-dualistic state of being. To reach Samadhi, one must practice mindfulness and non-attachment, allowing the spiritual energy to flow freely and naturally. Additionally, one must surrender to the experience, allowing oneself to be guided by the divine. Ultimately, Samadhi is a state of pure consciousness and bliss, and can be reached through awareness and dedication to the spiritual journey.
Samadhi through surrender

Samadhi through surrender is the practice of letting go of all attachments and ego in order to fully surrender to the divine source of being. This type of surrender can be accomplished through meditation, contemplation, and other spiritual practices. It is a state of being in which one transcends the ego and all attachments to the physical world, and is focused solely on the divine source of being. This type of surrender allows one to experience a deep connection with the divine and experience a state of bliss, joy, and peace. The goal of samadhi through surrender is to be fully present in the moment, without judgment or expectation. It is in this state of surrender that true enlightenment is found.
Samadhi state and Mahasamadhi are different

Samadhi is a state of deep meditation or trance, in which the individual meditator merges with the divine. It is considered to be the highest form of spiritual experience. Mahasamadhi is the ultimate state of meditation, in which the individual completely dissolves into the divine and becomes one with the universe. Mahasamadhi is an even higher state of union with the divine than samadhi and is considered to be the ultimate goal of spiritual attainment. Samadhi is a state of consciousness in which one transcends the boundaries of physical reality. It is an experience that can only be achieved through intense meditation and requires great focus and concentration. In this state, one experiences a true union with the divine, akin to a death-like trance, where time ceases to exist and all sense of individual identity fades away. This ultimate union brings about extreme joy and blissful peace. In contrast, maha samadhi refers to the voluntary death of enlightened beings who have attained complete liberation from material existence.
Other names for a Samadhi-type state include:

1. Nirvana (Hinduism/Buddhism) 2. Moksha (Hinduism) 3. Kaivalya (Hinduism) 4. Enlightenment (Buddhism) 5. Satori (Zen Buddhism) 6. Unio Mystica (Christianity) 7. Divine Union (Sufism) 8. Shunyata (Tibetan Buddhism) 9. Turiya (Hinduism) 10. Liberation (Hinduism) 11. Other names for samadhi include: jhana, dhyana, nirvana, moksha, and enlightenment is a timeless state without any being or movement and ego is a website dedicated to exploring the concept of Samadhi, a timeless state of meditation where the mind and body become still and the ego dissolves. The website offers resources, tips, and tools to help individuals achieve this state of stillness, presence, and peace. It also provides a community platform where users can connect and share their experiences. is committed to helping individuals explore their relationship with the divine and their own inner potential.
The path to Samadhi is unique for each individual, as it is a journey of inner discovery. To reach Samadhi, one needs to understand and practice the principles of yoga and meditation and cultivate a mindset of non-attachment and surrender. This involves cultivating a regular practice of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, as well as developing a strong connection to the Divine. One should also seek guidance from a guru or teacher who can offer wisdom and insight into the path. Additionally, it is important to be self-aware in order to observe the body and mind and recognize the subtle shifts that take place along the journey to Samadhi.

Samadhi can help in all areas of life

By providing a sense of clarity, focus, and inner peace. It can help bring balance to all aspects of life, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. By connecting with the inner self, Samadhi can be used to clear the mind and gain insight into the deeper aspects of life. This can lead to improved decision-making, more meaningful relationships, and a better understanding of one's purpose in life. Additionally, Samadhi can be used as a powerful tool for self-expression and creativity, allowing for more creative solutions to life's challenges.
Samadhi is death to one's old persona, or ego, in which one is fully absorbed in the divine or ultimate reality. It is a state of enlightenment achieved through deep meditation, in which one becomes one with the divine and experiences total bliss. Samadhi is the final stage of yoga and is seen as the ultimate goal of spiritual practice. ​
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