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Mapping Out a Timeless Reality – How Human mind Shape Our Perception of Time

Time is a mysterious concept that we have yet to fully understand. It seems to be an ever-changing entity, constantly moving forward and never looking back. But while time may appear to be an illusion, it is actually how our minds shape our perception of reality.

We can map out timeless realities through our internal understanding of karma, the consequence of actions in the past influencing events in the present and future. In this way we create a timeline for ourselves where each moment has its own purpose and meaning. We are able to look at our lives with more clarity as we become aware of what lies ahead and recognize the power of our decisions on how we move through space and time.

It’s amazing how something so abstract can have such an impact on us – by being mindful of time, we gain insight into who we truly are and nurture relationships with those around us.

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