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Samadhi is death of your old persona and forming no new persona

Experience that can help you let go of your old persona and form a new one.

When you reach samadhi, you’ll enter a state of complete freedom and liberation from the constraints of your old self. This allows you to be authentically yourself — with no false or ego-driven beliefs holding you back.

So if you’re ready to live a life filled with purpose and meaning, samadhi is the perfect path for you.

If you’re looking to change your life, samadhi is the key to unlocking true liberation. While it may sound scary at first, samadhi is actually a peaceful and liberating experience. So if you’re ready to free yourself from the chains of your old self, reach for the stars and experience samadhi today. 

You must continue to go back to the beginning, to the foundation, and question the foundation. Even once you‘ve reached Samadhi you must go back so you can create it at will. Samadhi is the beginning of spiritual growth, not the end. You must always be questioning. Enlightenment comes as an accident at first, then you have to learn to recreate it.


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