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Dear Readers,

As an author, I’m proud to introduce my very first book: Life’s Map! This book is a powerful guide that will help you create the life you’ve always dreamed of. Here are five key benefits you can look forward to by reading it:

Book Bio

Self Transformation Book based on Real Life Story Human life has a greater meaning and purpose. Most of us live our everyday lives without ever thinking about its true meaning. We end up spending our life finding happiness, pleasure, getting social acceptance, and in day-to-day struggle. Many external factors drive us and distract us from achieving our actual goals. Life Map’ starts the story of two brothers, Sahil and Nikhil. Unfortunately, Sahil lost his life in a tragedy. Now Nikhil is left to travel the journey of life alone. Sahil, Nikhil’s younger brother, faces a lot of struggles in this story. Seeing Sahil die in front of him and having no idea what to do, Nikhil felt helpless. What happened to Nikhil after he lost Sahil, and how did he cope with everything that happened to him afterward? In what ways did that experience transform him? Life, struggle, death, and the subsequent journey are all discussed in this book. From the perspective of Life’s Map – the journey that most of us take – the book discusses the root cause of all human problems, misery, and unhappiness. Life’s Map presents a concept that answers all questions and leads to freedom and ultimate happiness. This book will show you how to find true happiness and real meaning in your life.  -Mayank Tiwari